In Miao Region, the villagers produce a very special honey in the traditional way. This honey comes from the Douglas pines, which are omnipresent in the region. This honey has the characteristic of not being produced from flower pollen (these are in too small quantities), but from a juice called “Honeydew”.

This juice is a liquid secreted by aphids or scale insects that feed directly on pine sap and excrete this viscous liquid by depositing it on the trees. It is these sticky droplets that are collected by bees and thus produce a very characteristic and highly appreciated honey.

This artisanal activity, which is very dependent on the annual weather conditions, makes this product rare. However, it allows the inhabitants of isolated villages to sell this honey at a high price, thus bringing them a significant additional income.

During your stay in Danian, you will certainly have the opportunity to taste this honey during visits to the mountain villages.

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