• As the amount of Couleurs de Chine sponsorships has not changed since 2018, the Administrative Council voted to change the pricing for the following reasons:

• The expenses borne by families related to schooling are steadily increasing and, at the same time, Couleurs de Chine’s resources have “shrunk” in recent years due to multiple factors. These include:

  • The Covid crisis, in China as in Europe, has had a strong impact on the association, both in terms of corporate sponsors and individual sponsors, many of whom had to leave China…
  • In Europe, we note with regret the non-renewal of a certain number of sponsorships… But the volunteers are mobilized to find and convince new sponsors (actions in high schools, events, etc.)

This is why, in order to safeguard and continue our activities for the benefit of our sponsees, we have chosen to increase, in a reasonable way, the amount of sponsorship, which goes from 96 to 120 € for children in primary school, and from 144 to 240 € for secondary school. The amount of support for high school and university students remains unchanged, despite the increasing cost of their studies.

Coming soon: monthly payments

We hope to set up the possibility for sponsorships to be paid monthly, from your sponsor space on the Couleurs de Chine website. We will keep you informed of the progress of this project which will allow for :

  • The “primary” sponsorship to be paid in 12 monthly payments of 10 €.
  • The ” secondary school ” sponsorship in 12 monthly payments of 20 €.
  • The “high school” sponsorship in 12 monthly payments of 25 €.
  • Sponsorship “university” in 12 monthly payments of 38 €.

Couleurs de Chine thanks you for your support. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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