The lusheng is a traditional instrument used to reproduce a language for the afterlife, the spirits.

The Lusheng festival is one of the most important during the Miao New Year period. The date of this festival varies from region to region and is most often held between the tenth and twelfth lunar months.

This celebration is the occasion of a large gathering that takes place in the villages, in turn on different dates. The villagers move from one village to another to participate in the festival.

During the lusheng festival, the tradition consists mainly in competitions of lusheng players who come to compete by teams of villages, as well as in dances, alternate songs, sometimes fights of roosters, buffaloes or horses.
The young Miao girls put on their most shimmering costumes, their most beautiful jewels, the most elaborate headdresses to seduce the boys who will compete in the art of playing the lusheng. They dance in a circle around the lusheng players, on a slow and cadenced rhythm, the steps of the dance imitating those of the animals.

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