Like every year, June is a very busy month for our Danian team and all the volunteers in France. Even if we try to automate more and more procedures, it is still necessary to carry out control and regularisation tasks. Two years ago, the Board of Directors of Couleurs de Chine endorsed the decision to move to digital school results for three main reasons:
  • to reduce the time needed to send the school results to the sponsors due to the delays of the Chinese post office, which can be more than two months
  • to adapt to the communication technologies widely used in China by the sponsees
  • to manage the follow-up of the sponsees’ schooling as closely as possible
Last year, as a transitional period, we digitised the school results (and any available letters of thanks) of city middle school sponsees as well as high school and college students; we continued to mail those of elementary school and rural middle school pupils. n the Couleurs de Chine portal, the sponsors could thus consult the school results of their sponsee, partially for elementary schools and rural middle schools, in full for the others. This year we have made changes to the old school report card that we used for elementary school and middle school pupils:
nouvelle fiche RS
new SR sheet 2020-2021
For this school year 2020-2021, the procedure for retrieving school results from schools remains more or less the same as last year:
  • The Danian team sends to France the list of students including data on the school attended, the current level of study, age and gender. In France, we use this list to produce personalised school report cards, classified by school and level.
  • These forms are then sent to Danian for printing and transmission to the various school heads. The latter have the teachers fill them in, then return them to Danian, which digitises them.
  • These scanned files are sent to France, where we integrate them into the sponsor portal.
This procedure applies mainly to elementary schools, rural middle schools and some city high schools. Thus, for this year, approximately 2000 personalised forms were produced. On the other hand, city high school students and female university students transmit their school results via a cloud in China managed by Danian. These files are then sent to France for integration into the sponsor portal. If letters of thanks (and their translation if possible), photos, etc. are available, they are implemented in the sponsor portal. It is therefore important that sponsors register, and check the portal regularly to access their data as we receive the documents.

Frequently Asked Questions Sponsors’ Portal

We expect the full set of 2020-2021 school results to be available by 7 October 2021 (end of the national holiday), and mid-September for elementary schools. Couleurs de Chine delegations in countries outside France receive all the school results of the sponsees supported by the sponsors they manage. Another parallel procedure has been set in motion: the control of transfers to higher grades, which is still rather complicated, especially when changing cycles. -Although in almost all cases, the sponsees within a cycle move up to the next grade, this is not the case when they change cycle. The sponsees (or their parents) do not necessarily consider informing the Danian office of their new assignment, or of the fact that they have stopped studying or moved to another province. An important task of the Danian office is to search for these sponsees in order to obtain information on whether or not they are continuing their schooling and to be able to inform the sponsors of the situation.
By visiting the sponsor portal, you can access not only your sponsee’s information (school results, photos, schooling, etc.) but also the status of your sponsorships, which you can then renew online. Don’t forget to visit our website regularly to read the latest news about Couleurs de Chine!

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