All donors are members of the association, whether they are sponsors or not. In 2022, there are nearly 1,000 sponsors and donors in over 30 countries, mainly in France and China.
Since 1995, « Couleurs de Chine” has been providing sponsors with information on China and the Miao country (education, culture, economy) and on events organized by the delegations, via news published on the website and social networks


Since the beginning of the action in favour of the schooling of the children of the minorities of the Country of the great miao mountains, the work of management and promotion of the sponsorships is assured in a voluntary way by the members of the council of the association as well as by the volunteers of the delegations and the relays.
The association is thus administered by a council of 12 members elected for 3 years at the General Assembly. The board chooses from among its members an executive committee composed of a president, one or two vice-presidents, a secretary, a treasurer and possibly an assistant treasurer. The members of the Bureau shall be elected for a term of one year.
The office appoints a representative in China, who guides and animates the activity of the Danian office, and represents the association with the local authorities.


In detail:


Locally, four employees and one delegate, Hua Zhang, manage the actions in the field: follow-up of the sponsees, follow-up of the building sites, translation and distribution of the letters (Chinese-English), accounting, relationship with the local authorities.

The members of the office (october 2022):

Yandan Chen: Sponsorship file management
Shengying Yuan : Cashier and school coordination
Hua Zhang : Danian office manager
Meili Jia: Accounting

    Yandan Chen

    A former Couleurs de Chine sponsee, a Miao girl, she is originally from the village of Jige, located 30 minutes drive from Danian. Since 2013, Yandan has been managing the sponsorship database, which now contains around 2,300 students. Her work consists of updating the information of each sponsee, welcoming the students who come to the office to update their situation (school results, school registration documents, photos for the sponsorship cards), managing the student WeChat group.

    Shengying Yuan

    A Miao girl, originally from the canton of Danian, and a former sponsee of Couleurs de Chine. Her sponsorship goes back to the year 2000, she came to the office to ask for help, Françoise Grenot (Fangfang, founder of the association who died in Danian in 2008) found her a French couple as sponsors who helped her until the end of her university studies. She graduated from Jiangxi University of Applied Science and Technology, specialising in e-commerce. She is now the office cashier and coordinates with the schools

    Meili Jia

    Miao girl, originally from Jige village, also a former Couleurs de Chine sponsee. She is a student of the Professional and Technical Institute of Finance in Nanning. She started her third year with an internship at the Danian office, where she was in charge of the accounting.


    The association’s action is relayed by local delegations and/or relays, notably in charge of managing local sponsors and promoting the association, including with patrons. The network of volunteers organizes numerous activities: meetings between members of the same region, initiatives and events aimed at the public and schools, the media, businesses, communities (exhibitions, concerts, conferences, stand animation, and other promotional activities).


    National coordination: Jean-Paul Lajoinie


  • Assignment of the sponsees: Françoise Grandpierre et Hua Zhang
  • Donation management : Laurence Hirschauer
  • Sponsor management: Françoise Grandpierre, Virginie Duret, Lynda de la Marandais, Qing Shu

    • National coordination: Jean-Paul Lajoinie
    • Patrons monitoring: Lynda de la Marandais, Francis Doléans, Virginie Duret


    •  Coordination:  Olivier Grenot
    •  Content management:  Olivier Grenot, Audrey Tezenas du Montcel, Hua Zhang
    • English translations: Olivier Grenot
    • Chinese translations: Yuxin Meng


    • Webmaster Pascal Buch
    • Hosting and CRM link, Portal: CIVIDESK
    • Devt. new website Bababam – Laurent Maréchal
    • Social networks Audrey Tezenas du Montcel, Yuxin Meng (Facebook, twitter…)


    The financing of the association’s activities is entirely private. No grants are received from any government entity.
    A tax receipt is issued to donors. This document allows French taxpayers to benefit from a tax deduction (article 200.5 of the General Tax Code: deduction of 66% of the amount of donations within the limit of 20% of declared income).
    In Belgium, donations transit through the King Baudouin Foundation in Brussels and can thus enable donors to benefit from Belgian tax facilities.
    China Colours – Hong Kong has “Tax-exempt charity” status, which allows donors to deduct donations from income under certain conditions.
    Donations received in Europe are deposited in the association’s bank account in France and the necessary funds for sponsorships, school construction and development or cultural activities as well as operating costs are periodically transferred to the association’s account in China. The funds are then paid on the spot to school officials, local education services or other recipients, after verification by Danian’s office of the appropriateness of the payment: actual presence of the girls at school or progress of work according to schedule.
    The association is audited by an auditor.
    Danian’s office is controlled (free of charge) by Mazars.


    You wish to become a volunteer with Couleurs de Chine?
    The first step is to establish your availability and list your skills
    Send us an email at indicating your situation, your availability... We will contact you to discuss the volunteer opportunities available to you.
    Once you define the actions you could perform within Couleurs de Chine, you can start now!

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