Huber, through its subsidiary Huber Helps and its Shanghai-based subsidiary CP Kelco, is renewing and extending its contribution to Couleurs de Chine, with a single payment of US$120,000 for a further three years of support for underprivileged students and families in the Danian region of Guangxi.

This amount was paid on an exceptional basis, even though the Huber Helps sponsorship was initiated two years ago: in principle, Huber Helps participates in the funding of associations for a maximum of three years, in order to evaluate their action and results. Couleurs de Chine having performed “well” in its eyes during the first two years, the company has decided to support the association for the next three years with a one-off donation.

The Couleurs de Chine team is deeply grateful to Huber, Kelco and Huber Helps for their financial commitment, which is essential to the association’s long-term development. Their contribution will be distributed by the Danian team for the benefit of the families and students within the framework of its sponsorship program until the year 2026.

A few words about our patrons:

Huber has been in business for almost 140 years. Its portfolio of companies creates personal care products, food and beverages, nutrients and agricultural adjuvants, building materials, flame retardants and smoke suppressants, as well as sustainable forestry services.

Kelco produces responsibly sourced natural ingredients that have a significant impact on a multitude of consumer products, from beverages to laundry detergents, as well as many industrial applications.

Huber Helps: As part of its strategic approach to community involvement – Huber Helps – Huber is committed to donating a percentage of its annual net income to help people and the planet. Huber’s commitment to social responsibility is based on the Huber Principles, as well as on its goals for sustainable development and diversity, equity and inclusion. Its efforts focus on three categories: affordable housing, education and well-being, the environment, and responsive humanitarian support, to ensure a significant collective impact worldwide

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