Today, discover the testimony of MU Lifang who after being sponsored throughout her life decided to return to her village to help the elders.

“I come from the hamlet of Yala and I have been sponsored by Couleurs de Chine throughout my school career.

I graduated from high school in 2014 in the nursing specialty. I then worked for two years in Rongshui district and wanted to get closer to my home region.

Today, I am a nurse at the Danian Township Hospital. I am very happy to be able to help the elderly in the region, many of whom are coming for care. I feel even more useful in this way than when I was working in the big city.

I am also interested in personal hygiene and beauty products and I run an Internet sales network outside of my working hours at the hospital.

I remember being impressed when Fang-Fang came to my primary school several times. She seemed tall to us, and above all, she wore our Miao clothes well! I would like to be able to express my thanks directly to the sponsor who supported me during all or part of my studies. »

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